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Preserving Sweetness, One Crunch at a Time

Welcome to the world of Freeze-Dried Candy! The Capricornia region’s first choice for Freeze-Dried Candy.

Now supplying over 70 stockists Australia-wide, we are the Number #1 choice for Freeze-Dried Candy in Australia.

We’re excited to present a delectable assortment of your favourite candies, now freeze-dried to preserve their flavours and crunchiness for longer!

About Us

Hi and welcome to Sub-Zero Treats.
From our humble beginning as food preppers, we have expanded into the Capricornia region’s First Choice for Freeze dried Candy. With over 70 stockists Australia-wide, our mission is to become a household name in Australia.
We have a thriving community on Facebook and are expanding at a rapid rate.
Come join the fun and treat yourself with something special from our large range.

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